Learn play and meet this May

Learn play and meet this May

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Slowly but surely...

Things are, may we tentatively say, going in the right direction. And this steady improvement belongs, in no small part, to the sacrifices so many people have made – including the times we make the decision to stay on our couch and do nothing at all. For once, the lazy bastards also deserve a round of applause, as well as the most industrious people, working on the front line.

Nevertheless, the war is not not yet won, and we remain committed to bringing you ways to reach others in Amsterdam and beyond, through our online hangouts. Learn play and meet this May: see what takes your fancy and join in. You are welcome here. 

Or just stare at optical illusions…

Write with me

How often heads stay full and pages stay blank. You’re not alone. A little structure and sharing of the creative burden goes a long way towards getting your ideas down and making some sense of those tangled thoughts.

If you’re a new writer, an experienced writer, or someone who doesn’t even consider themselves a writer but feels like doing something new, you’re welcome to join this free workshop, led by writer Janice Erlbaum. You’ll be taken through a series of short exercises to reignite your creativity and support you in your projects.

Details and RSVP here.

Trivia Night

Brush up on your knowledge, and get ready with some trash talk: we’re going head to head in a battle of the brains. Our host, Neil, will be asking the questions, via Discord: a fitting platform, indeed for the scraps and squabbles which will no doubt follow the iron fist of the question master’s judgement. 

We’ll meet beforehand for a virtual cheers. See how you stack up, and try your head for a place in the hall of fame. 

Details and RSVP here.

Let's play Overwatch

Overwatch is a vibrant team-based shooter. We’ll be playing together (and against each other!) across the mystical world of the game with its range of dynamic and sexy heroes. We’ll be able to mix things up by staying in touch with Discord. Don’t worry if you’ve never played before – this is new for most of us!

Details and RSVP here.

Mindfulness, Truth & Nature of Mind

Prepare for a journey OF THE MIND! Since we can’t go anywhere else, it’s one worth traversing.

Every Monday and Wednesday, neuroscientist, philosopher, and mindfulness coach, Chao, invites you to re-engage with your mind and your spirit. We’ll meet for an hour via video chat and both practise mindfulness techniques and discuss the philosophy behind them. Beginners welcome.

Monday: details and RSVP here.

Wednesday: details and RSVP here.

Movie Talkz

Movie Talkz is back! And they use a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’ so you know it must be cool. Jokes aside, it’s a chance to hear from Anne Seibel, the Oscar nominated production designer. Her career has brought her alongside the likes of Sofia Coppola, Clint Eastwood, Woody Allen, and Stephen Spielberg.

Tune in for an hour of zoom, and hear about her life, work, and advice for your career in the film industry.

Details and RSVP here.

TED Talks Discussion Night II

Chapter 1 of the TED Talks discussion group saw three talks centred around the theme of having better conversations. Things get meta when you’re discussing this sort of topic, and it was a delight to have a chance to practise what we heard as well as challenge each other and the speakers. 

This time, we’re discussing creativity. It’s a fantastic way to soundboard the insights we gain from the videos, to question them, and to ground them with others’ experience. Lend your ideas, we want to hear them.

Details and RSVP here.

Conspiracy Theories Discussion Night

We all know the feeling: you’re walking home on a beautiful starry night, acres of Kansas corn fields stretching out either side of the dusty track, only owls and frogs for company. Lo and behold, you’re abducted by a UFO, whizzed across the galaxy, and then dumped unceremoniously back where you came from after their experiments are complete. We feel you. 

Let’s discuss any and all conspiracy theories. We’ll be focusing in particular on extra-terrestrial life, so bring along your ideas, hunches, and even personal experiences.

Details and RSVP here.

Authentic Days

Share your passion with like-minded people by creating and/or joining activities.

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