Join a couch hangout this April

Join a couch hangout this April

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Keeping busy in quarantine

Taking a step back from ordinary life doesn’t stop us trying new things. Even if it’s just to give some distinction between Monday and Wednesday, having a go at something different is a great way to make the most of quarantine and find out what’s happening in other people’s lives. Why not join a couch hangout this April?

We’ll keep adding new online hangouts over the coming days and weeks. Don’t underestimate the impact of time spent with others – even if it’s through a screen.

Word Up: The New Normal

  • Wednesday 22nd April 18:00 - 19:30
  • Free!

Amsterdam’s most prolific spoken word organisation have led the charge in promoting self-expression and social inclusivity both in and out of quarantine. This is an opportunity to engage with this strange new world we find ourselves in and share the thoughts and feelings and creations that arise from it. 

You are just as welcome to join the zoom meeting and listen, as you are to share something – anything – that you’ve encountered in the last few weeks. Come join the dialogue. Find out more about Word Up here.

Details and RSVP here.

Among Us - new maps!

  • Friday 24th April 13:00 - 15:00
  • Free

It’s amazing we’re all still friends after two instalments of murder, sabotage, and betrayal. Nevertheless, we’re meeting for a third time, with brand new maps.

Come join and help us discern the traitors in our midst and send them into the endless vacuum of space before they can sabotage the group. Or better yet, sneak around and kill off the other crew members before they see your true colours. We keep the dialogue going via voice chat so we can discuss our suspicions and defend our ‘integrity’ to the end. Even if it’s just for a 10 minute game, see what it’s all about.

Details and RSVP here.

Mindfulness and Philosophy Online

  • Every Monday and Wednesday 19:00 - 20:00
  • Free!

Every Monday and Wednesday, neuroscientist, philosopher, and mindfulness coach, Chao, invites you to re-engage with your mind and your spirit. We’ll meet for an hour via video chat and both practise mindfulness techniques and discuss the philosophy behind them. Beginners welcome.

Details and RSVP here.

Write with me

  • Wednesday 29th April 18:00 - 19:15
  • Free!

Anyone else start out quarantine with grand ideas of finishing their first novel? You’re not alone. A little structure and sharing of the creative burden goes a long way towards motivation. 

If you’re a new writer, an experienced writer, or someone who doesn’t even consider themselves a writer but feels like doing something new, you’re welcome to join this free workshop, led by writer Janice Erlbaum.

Details and RSVP here.

Digital Dinner Party: General Tso's Chicken

  • Saturday 2nd May 18:00 - 21:00
  • Free!

Remember the days when we had dinner with other people? That was nice wasn’t it. Just because we can’t have friends round doesn’t mean the kitchen should stop being the centre of hospitality. After a storming success last week, we’re having the second round of the digital dinner party at the start of May.

This edition is the simultaneously sizzling, crunchy, and juicy General Tso’s chicken. We’ll meet via video chat and share the experience of cooking, eating, and chilling from our respective kitchens.

Don’t know anyone? No problem! We’re all in the same boat.  Come join and meet fellow foodies through your webcam. 

Details and RSVP here.

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