Foodie Event – Potluck

Foodie Event – Potluck

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Life is better with food

Food has a way of bringing people together. There is something in our DNA that gives the act of sharing food a special significance. People relax and conversation flows when you eat together. 

What better way to hang out with new faces than over food, wine, and a shared passion for cooking. Besides a few burns, moderate intoxication, and a severe food coma, it went pretty well! Check it out.



Vegetarian Lasagna

Last night we had our first foodie event – a potluck to be precise. That means everybody brings a different dish and you get to sample a spread of flavours and styles without taking the whole burden of a dinner party on your shoulders. It also means you can trade tips over recipes that had never occurred to you before. This potluck had an extra element of mystery because I hadn’t personally met any of our guests before (spoiler: everyone was great and the house is still afloat)!


New Flavours

Two women laughing at Potluck foodie event

We kicked off with wine and a selection of dips and canapés, excellently curated by Linda. Special mention goes to sweet potato bites with goat cheese and caramelised onion. Next was butternut squash and creamy mashed potato from Christina. We managed to find room for a spinach, ricotta, and butternut squash lasagna (lovingly prepared by Alex and yours truly). Georgios’s Greek favourite – feta baked in sesame and honey – went down a treat. And we somehow polished off every wonderfully gooey chocolate chip cookie Kristy had with her.

We were all finding it a little tricky to move from afterwards – although the wine must share some of the blame…

Building Communities

Potluck foodies

This was an event where everybody had the chance both to give and receive hospitality. Crossing that threshold builds trust, and trust is fundamental to community. 

There’s no doubt this was the first of many. If you’d like to come along one day, join our group and stay tuned for our next event.

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