Amsterdam Foodie Hangouts

Amsterdam Foodie Hangouts

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Eat, drink, and be merry!

As daylight becomes a thing of the past and the mercury plummets, we could all do with a little more gezelligheid in our lives. We’ve got just the thing! Here are some of the best hangouts we and our users are creating especially for foodies in Amsterdam. 

The idea is simple. Someone organises an event at a restaurant, bar, or cafe, and invite their friends and members of our community. We all turn up, meet, eat, drink, and hangout. Simple eh?

Join in to discover new places in Amsterdam, meet others passionate about eating, and take part in the ancient ritual of sharing good food and conversation.

#1 Taco Tuesdays


There’s only one thing we like more than alliterations and that’s tacos. This cosy, colourful, cultured eatery brings you spice of Mexico in the confines of De Pijp.

Get started on a winter food baby and knock back a few margaritas with us this Tuesday.

Food approx €15 pp.

Reserve your spot here

#2 A Beautiful Mess Dinner Party

Selection of middle eastern dishes on a table

A Beautiful Mess is a project that embraces the imperfections, broken parts, and uncertainties in life. By giving refugees and asylum-seekers a safe space to work, grow, and learn, ABM speeds up integration for people with a refugee background and celebrates diversity.

The dishes come from generations of careful honing: their secret recipes passed down through families, imported from around the world, and now at your table. Nowhere could ABM’s celebration of diversity and promotion of community culminate more than in the food they make.

Food approx €20 pp.

Reserve your spot here.

#3 Wine & Dine with John

Roll out the red carpet for an evening of food, drink, and exceptional company. Your host is none other than the man who puts the ‘D’ in Maître d’, the ‘M’ in MC, and the ‘X’ in supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: the much loved, most celebrated, and eminently desirable John.

Please form an orderly queue.

This is a unique opportunity to spend some time up close with John. We’ll start with drinks and nibbles at Glou Glou wine bar in De Pijp. It’s a chic but intimate venue with reasonably priced, unreasonably delicious, organic wines. 

Reserve your spot here.

#4 Pizza Tasters

Join us for the third edition in our hunt for the best pizza in Amsterdam. DOPE and nNea divided opinion but united us in debate. Let’s see what SOTTO has to offer…

Expect lightly caramelised crusts, masterful topping combinations, and passionate – bordering on heated – discussion about which really is the best.

Or just sit back with a glass of red and enjoy let the conversation wash over you.

Food approx €15 pp.

Reserve your spot here.

#5 Thanksgiving Brunch

Frank's Smokehouse

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Thanksgiving! Which is why we’re organising a special lunch in celebration. This is an opportunity to come and meet new people and hang out with old friends over a delicious buffet lunch.

No need to be American! Everybody is welcome, even if you’ve never heard of thanksgiving. Come and see what this celebration from across the pond is all about.

There’s a sparkling buffet of festive dishes curated by Frank himself: famous smoked turkey, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, beans, salads, mushrooms, cranberries, a royal assortment of meat and vegetarian seasonal dishes, and a dessert buffet.

Reserve your spot via Frank’s Smokehouse website here

Food €30 per adult, €12.50 for kids + a free welcome drink.

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