about us

about us

Authentic Days is the

online platform for offline hangouts

Authentic Days is the
online platform for offline hangouts

what we do

We are building a community: a community who like to hang out together. It is a place where everybody feels empowered to share in the things they love doing.

We host and promote these hangouts online so you can enjoy them offline.

you can check out our prototype here.

Meet new people

Whether you're new in the city or just want to grow your network, meeting people through hangouts forges lasting connections.

Try new things

There's much to learn, so much to experience. Build a network around what you love doing, or join in with something you've never tried.

Hangout offline

Imagine if the hours of scrolling, clicking, and typing were replaced by quality time spent with real people. Imagine no more.

meet the team

Marcela | Co-Founder & CFO

A problem solver by nature, Marcela is always rethinking the approach and driving forward the team with new ideas.

A singer, guitar player, goalkeeper, master chef and puzzle solver, our polymath of a CFO took her MBA at Cambridge and since then has been involved in international leadership development and female networking events. An industrial engineer by trade, Marcela constantly pushes the boundaries of innovation.

Marcelo | Co-Founder & CEO

A stable career didn’t quite cut it for Marcelo. Life in Brazil and dreams of beyond forged him into the entrepreneur he is today. He left behind his Pátria amada and comfort zone to turn his ideas into reality in the Netherlands. A committed expat but a Gaúcho at heart, he misses chimarrão and a juicy picanha

Marcelo is fascinated by the power of making connections between people: by the infinite possibility when minds collide – of ideas, or friendship, or even love. His suggestion: #hangoutoffline

David | Marketing & Content

Following an English degree and a brief foray into the world of law, David left the Brexit strewn landscape of London for Amsterdam, to work at the intersection of tech and creative industry. 

His work involves copywriting, social media, film/photography, and coordinating brand ambassadors.

He likes looking wistfully at the horizon.

Idil | Brand Ambassador

Idil brings a wealth of experience from her life in Izmir, Istanbul, Montreal, Geneva, and Copenhagen. Idil’s passions span writing, photography, food, and visual art.

She’s on a mission to find the best restaurants and cafes in Amsterdam through organising hangouts and collaborating on opinions with her joiners.

She is an active Instagrammer and blogger, yet is firm in the belief that if there’s one thing machines cannot do better than us, it is the connections generated by face to face contact with human beings.