7 online hangouts for you

7 online hangouts for you

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Staying in touch with the outside

We hope you are keeping spirits high, as people around the world – from nurses to postmen, rubbish collectors to health officials, and everyone in between, battles in their own way to end this pandemic.

What we can offer is a way to connect with people outside your circle, and an opportunity to try something different or learn a new skill. We’ve got these 7 online hangouts for you; see what takes your fancy and feel warmly welcome to drop in.

Or just stare at optical illusions…

Creative Writing

The tangles of your own experience are what make you unique. Come and share them with the group as we craft something together. We’ll take it in turns to add a small section to the piece and develop it one by one. No need to consider yourself a writer – just be prepared to listen and imagine.

Details and RSVP here.

Among Us

Once again, we take to the endless void of space and employ our skills of teamwork, negotiation, and deception. Whether you’re trying to repair the ship or sabotage the crew, you’ll learn something about yourself here. Each game lasts only a few minutes so feel free to join for a quick excursion. 

Details and RSVP here.

Word Up. Edition Connect

Word Up are the most prolific spoken word community in Amsterdam. They remain committed to self-expression and social inclusivity – quarantine or not. Tune in to listen to and watch the creations of others, or sign up to share something of your own. They foster a supportive and welcoming atmosphere whether it’s your first time or your hundredth. Keep the dialogue flowing. Find out what they’re about here.

Details and RSVP here.

Arches Capital Founder Sessions, Convertible Notes

Seize the opportunity to learn something new and apply it to your business in this period of stagnation. Arches Capital are a group of professional investors, who each week shed light on a topic relevant to entrepreneurs and startups.

This Friday, Simone Rutgers, Co-Founder and Partner at Steelman, will explore the topic ‘Why I don’t like Convertible Notes’. Join via Zoom, listen, and pose your questions to industry experts.

Details and RSVP here.

How to craft a social media strategy IV

It’s the ideal time to do some spring cleaning on your business while usual demands are quieter. Cue: the fourth instalment of our online workshop to help you develop an effective social media strategy for your business. 

Let social media expert Preeti Pooja of Your Socially guide you through the ins and outs, and lend your voice to the debate. 

Details and RSVP here.

Online Poker Night

‘Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.’ 

Take Voltaire’s advice and combine it with Bond: accept what you’re given and play the person before you. Test it out this Saturday. Don’t worry, we’re only gambling virtual money and our sense of self-worth. 

Details and RSVP here.

Mindfulness and Philosophy Online

We’re working in partnership with Vrije Universiteit and Mindiverse to bring you free meditation. Every Monday and Wednesday, neuroscientist, philosopher, and mindfulness coach, Chao, invites you to re-engage with your mind and your spirit. We’ll meet for an hour via video chat and both practise mindfulness techniques and discuss the philosophy behind them. Beginners welcome.

Monday: details and RSVP here.

Wednesday: details and RSVP here.

Authentic Days

Share your passion with like-minded people by creating and/or joining activities.

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